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    As an experienced multimedia marketing professional, Justin Steinle develops customized media purchase plans centered on client business goals. He evaluates each client's business line and targeted customer or client base to select the media channels that targets the appropriate population, then builds a specific media plan that he can track throughout the process. Dedicated to tracking the performance of each media source, Justin Steinle evaluates conversion rates and cost to optimize marketing spending.

    Justin Steinle develops such plans using a demand lifecycle approach that targets customers at all phases of the decision-making process. Unlike other methodologies that reach out to those individuals who have already developed an interest, demand lifecycle strategies first nurture interest and work to develop a desire in the customer. Marketing efforts then follow the client through attraction, closing, and retention so as to build a long-term relationship.

    Also experienced in financial and performance modeling, Justin Steinle establishes an overall picture of client fiscal well-being. He draws on this understanding to help clients make mathematically, data informed decisions based on specific client directives.

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    University of Mary


    Business Administration

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