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Lead Generation - What It Is and How It Works

Justin Steinle

As an experienced marketing professional, Justin Steinle draws on knowledge of a variety of customer outreach methods. Justin Steinle is well-versed in lead generation and understands its importance for companies.

In the world of business, the term “lead” refers to an individual or company representative who has expressed interest in a product or service. A lead has already indicated that he or she would welcome contact from the business. This indication separates the person from members of the general population, whom a business can only reach one-on-one through cold calling or similar techniques.
Lead generation is the process by which a company generates requests for information about its products or services. A successful lead generation campaign must first attract the interest of a person for whom the product or service in question might be relevant. It then offers a way for the interested person to provide the company with his or her contact information, so that a company representative can move him or her along the pathway to buying.
In today's business world, lead generation often makes use of a company's website, through which a potential customer may sign up to receive a newsletter or a call from a representative. Companies may also send material to those customers who have relationships with a related business or pay another company to publish lead generation content to its own audience. Savvy businesses choose multiple avenues of lead generation, which improves the company's chances of sourcing high-quality leads that will lead to buying.

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