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Three Tips for Improving Your Lead Generation Campaign

Justin Steinle

Drawing upon almost 25 years of experience in marketing, Justin Steinle works alongside clients to provide comprehensive strategies that grow business revenue. Among Justin Steinle’s numerous areas of expertise is lead generation. Those looking to create successful lead generation campaigns should follow these tips:

1. Leverage multichannel marketing – The concept of multichannel marketing involves utilizing numerous platforms, such as websites, social media, television, and print media, to reach the marketer’s intended audience. Its use ensures that potential leads are not missed due to a lack of advertising reach.

2. Be patient – Part of a successful lead generation campaign is what you do with the leads once you receive them. Focus on building relationships with clients and avoid high-pressure sales tactics, which can turn potential consumers away from your products.

3. Qualify leads – When working with lead providers, ensure you have minimum standards in place in regards to the quality of the leads you will purchase. In particular, qualify leads against the requirements of your typical target audience, as overloading your sales team with potentially cold leads prevents them from focusing on the leads with the highest chance of converting.

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